Clamshell: Release Notes

Last modification: 2008/08/01 14:48

Release Notes

The current version of Clamshell is 0.6.8.


  • Clamshell now authenticates using forms authentication by default rather than HTTP Digest, due to many server configurations appearing to break the Digest authentication model.
  • New localisations in Italian and Spanish. Many thanks to monto84 and jmsancho.
  • New option to use a default user if none specified -- see 'opt_user_default' in prefs.module.
  • Fixed a bug in the per-user authentication mode chooser.
  • Fixed bugs - issues 20, 21, 23, 25, 28.


  • Added optional display of profile information on a user's home page - modify 'opt_profile_public_default' to change if default is on or off
  • New localisation for French (thanks Damien Persohn!) and completed localisation into Spanish. A few phrases have been generated with Google Translate, and are likely to be imperfect. Please raise an issue on with suggested improvements.
  • Added option to administer a user's profile directly by going to http://site/clamshell/?u=admin&admin=true.


  • Improved support for short OpenIDs - some sites would use an OpenID of http://site/clamshell/clamshell.php?u=user even when entering the short form as an identifier. To activate, just set 'opt_short_openid' to TRUE in conf/prefs.module.
  • Additional workaround when not using short IDs and websites incorrectly assume the absense of '?' in the OpenID URL.
  • Much improved localisation support. You should now be able to completely change the language interface for Clamshell by translating the 'message.txt' and 'error.txt' files in the appropriate 'locale' subdirectory.
  • A partial localisation into Spanish has been done, with many thanks to Henry Contreras.



  • Fixed code in check_authentication() so dumb mode now works correctly.
  • Changed files/dirs from 'Clamshell' to 'clamshell'. Some systems were incorrectly normalizing OpenIDs to lower case with the result that the authentication page could not be found.
  • Fixed bug where authentication would fail on systems with PHP set up as CGI (thanks arthur and robert!)
  • Implemented per-site authentication
  • Implemented confirmation on sites requesting an OpenID
  • Added HTML forms-based authentication in addition to HTTP digest


  • Administrators are now prompted to set up an admin password on first login.


  • Users can now change password after creation.
  • Removed requirement for /session directory. (Now uses PHP default directory for sessions.)
  • Updated README documentation.


  • Integrated admin console into the main page. Access the admin pages by adding "?admin=true" to the Clamshell URL, ie. http://server/Clamshell?admin=true. You will be prompted to authenticate - default is "admin" with password "admin".
  • Currently, to modify the user designated as administrator, add a new user to the Admin console, then change the 'opt_user_admin' line in Clamshell.php.


  • First public release.
  • Add and delete users.
  • Note that the admin interface is currently completely insecure. Add Apache password protection if you want to use this on a public network, or remove Admin.php from the server once users are set up.