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High Quality Themes

Themes Rating 4.x 5.x 6.x Comments
AD Blueprint 7 No Yes Yes Fixed width, very simple
Aeon5 8 No Yes Yes Fixed width, left sidebar only
Bluebreeze 7 Yes Yes In dev Full width, fixed width version also available
Contented7 7 Yes Yes Yes Clean and friendly
Deco 7 No In Dev Yes Google SoC project; aims for standards compliance and flexibility
Drupify 8 No Yes Yes Fixed width, right sidebar only, marked as 'alpha'
fblike 7 No Yes Yes Left sidebar only, inspired by Facebook
Foliage 6 No Yes Yes Fixed width 1024 pixels
Four Seasons 6 No Yes Yes Fixed width, slightly difficult to customize
Interactive Media 8 No Yes Yes Multi-column, fluid width
Zen 7 No Yes Yes Deliberately designed as standards-compliant to allow easy theming from scratch
Zen Classic 7 No Yes Yes Clean and attractive, fluid centre