Holistic: IvsK

Last modification: 2008/09/14 14:11

Basics of I, K, IM and KM

Information is ...
- anything which can be interpreted
- a very broad term that encompasses many other sub-types of information such as data, assertions and knowledge
- often when people talk about information, they are often better understood as talking about
"contextualised information", "unstructured information" or "encoded information"

Knowledge is ...
- information that has been subjected to critical evaluation and survived these tests
- knowledge enables problem-solving and adaptation
- better organisational knowledge = a better functioning, more adaptable organisation

Information Management is BOTH ...
- the effective organisation and husbandry of the enterprise's information AND
- encouraging people to use and store information in a way that is consistent with the above

Knowledge Management is ...
- determining how to locate and recognise "better" knowledge and to improve its
uptake and use within the organisation
- chief benefit of KM is better problem-solving capability and improved adaptability