Metadata: DublinCore

Last modification: 2008/07/20 23:55

Dublin Core

(Namespace:, typical prefix dc:)

The Dublin Core is a widely-adopted metadata scheme providing the following basic information:

  • dc:contributor
  • dc:coverage
  • dc:creator
  • dc:date
  • dc:description
  • dc:format
  • dc:identifier
  • dc:language
  • dc:publisher
  • dc:relation
  • dc:rights
  • dc:source
  • dc:subject
  • dc:title
  • dc:type

Dublin Core Terms

(Namespace:, typical prefix dcterms:)

Dublin Core Terms provide a broader set of terms that will not be applicable to all information domains.

DCMI Metadata Terms

(Namespace:, typical prefix dcmi:)

DCMI Metadata Terms provide metadata terms suitable for grouping and classifying other metadata.