Quokkawiki: Tags

Last modification: 2008/07/20 23:55

Tags in QuokkaWiki

One of QuokkaWiki's strengths is a flexible and powerful tag system that allows anything from quick access to HTML features to page inclusion and parameter replacement.


Tags are uniquely identified by their text, for example [.link This is a link|Link]. However, some tags serve multiple purposes designated by the punctuator at the start of their tag:

Tag meanings

[@tag ] Set metadata, eg. [@title Page title]
[=tag ] Retrieve metadata, eg. [=title]
[.tag ] Indicates a page layout directive, eg. [.matrix(3) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9]
[!tag ] Indicates a system control tag, such as including another file, eg. [!include Page 3]

Tag Reference


[=this] Prints current page name
[.this] Links to current page. This is useful when combined with a page action, eg. [.this(edit)]


[@title] Override page title (for display in page header)
[=title] Prints current page title (defaults to page name)