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ResourceSpace is an open-source DAMS software app written in PHP and MySQL.

It was originally written for Oxfam by Dan Huby and was later open-sourced.


  • No install instructions at all -- not a good start :(
  • On the other hand, deciphering what needs to go where isn't too hard.

Install instructions

  • Download ResourcesSpace 1.2.1 and unzip into an Apache directory eg. /htdocs/ResourceSpace.
  • Download the patch and unzip to the same directory. Confirm to overwrite existing files.
  • Set up MySQL database:
# mysql -u root mysql> CREATE DATABASE resourcespace; mysql> GRANT ALL ON resourcespace.* TO rs@localhost; mysql> SET PASSWORD FOR rs@localhost = OLD_PASSWORD('rs'); mysql> \q # mysql -u root -p resourcespace < resourcespace.sql
  • Next, open include/config.php and change the following lines:
$mysql_server="localhost"; # Use 'localhost' if MySQL is installed on the same server as your web server. $mysql_username="rs"; # MySQL username $mysql_password="rs"; # MySQL password $mysql_db="resourcespace"; # MySQL database name $baseurl="http://localhost/ResourceSpace"; # The 'base' web address for this installation. Note: no trailing slash $email_from=""; # Where e-mails appear to come from $email_notify=""; # Where resource/research/user requests are sent $spider_password="xxxxxxxx"; # The password required for spider.php - IMPORTANT - randomise this for each new # installation. Your resources will be readable by anyone that knows this password.
  • Make sure that Apache can write to the filestore/ and upload/ directories.
  • Log in using admin / admin as the username and password.